The Screening Room

The Screening Rom S3E11 - Sam Jeffries Robocop 2 Commentary Track

July 27, 2020

In this weeks episode Rutvig Vaid is joined by filmmaker and returning guest, Sam Jeffries.  The pair deliver a comedy I mean, commentary track for the erm, critically acclaimed, underrated classic, Robocop 2!


They chat all things Robocop (and how good the *original is), Sam's love of Uwe Boll, and the colour of Robocop's helmet amongst other things.  All whilst sipping on a sweet, sweet **Budweiser.




*For the record, we love Robocop 2 too!  But not Robocop 3.  That film was not good.

**The Screening Room is not sponsored by or affiliated in any way with Budweiser.  Though it probably wishes it was.


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