The Screening Room

The Screening Room S3E18 - John Higgins

November 23, 2020

John Higgins is a British comics artist renowned for his work on 2000AD, Watchmen and Batman:  The Killing Joke.  Rutvig discusses with Higgins his incredible decades long career in comics.  

Whilst this interview was originally recorded mid 2018, it leads us into Rutvig's new From Page to Screen series, where he will examine books and their film counterparts in real time, starting next week with the animated film Batman:  The Killing Joke.  Make sure you have both your copy of the graphic novel and the film lined up and ready.  And even if you don't, either way, it should be an interesting series, looking at how well the work translates across mediums.

You can learn more about John Higgins' work here: 


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